Wheel Sizes

Group 3 Lawnbugs - 5" front, 6" rear.

Group 4 Tractors - 6" front, 6" rear.

Unfortunately we no longer stock split nylon wheels either in the 5” size for the front wheels of lawnbugs or 6" for the rear wheels and Group 4. We do however hold a vast stock of reinforcing rings to go with them. If your preference is for alloy wheels then we stock split wheels, one piece wheels and one piece with bearings. All of our 5" alloy wheels are manufactured by Kart Components and we have been supplying these excellent wheels for many years now.

6" one piece wheels suitable for both bugs and tractors can be fitted to both types of hubs that we sell but if you are going to fit them to the smaller hubs, i.e. 58mm PCD, then you will need an adaptor plate and either bolt it or (ideally) weld it to the wheel. The one piece steel wheels should be fitted with tubes as the bead seal cannot be guaranteed when running tubeless at low pressures. I strongly recommend the use of reinforcing rings when fitting the split rim steel wheels.

Approximate weight of 6 inch alloy wheels: 0.7kg, 6 inch steel wheels:1.2kg.

 Tyre fitting - We do get asked about how to fit tyres to the one piece wheels if you haven't got specialist fitting equipment. There are several ways to do this, but we strongly advise fitting a tube to the new tyres and semi inflating them before trying to fit to wheels. Leave the tyres like this for at least a day as this will force the beads out. Remove the tube then place the tyre in a vice, lubricate the bead and push the wheel rim through the first bead. Squeeze the beads together then push the rim through the second bead. Force the beads out onto the wheel rims by using a ratchet strap around the tyre and partially inflate so that the beads engage with the rims. Alternatively remove the valve core and rapidly inflate which will also force the beads onto the wheel rims.